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Our Mission

To deliver superior consultative and advocacy services to employees by utilizing expert knowledge and providing solutions to reduce the anxiety and uncertainty of employment problems.

Our Goal

To build and maintain credibility and commitment with clients by providing sound advice, facilitating learning and aiding in the navigation of complex employee relations matters.


Our philosophy is to provide cost-effective, expert relief to employees in order to restore peace of mind so they can refocus on the things that matter.
— Shameera L. Carr



Shameera L. Carr

Shameera L. Carr is an accomplished and highly respected Human Resources consultant specializing in Employee Relations, Federal Labor Relations and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). Shameera offers expert legal and practical business advice to companies in the private and public sector regarding employment-related matters. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Law from Temple University and a Master of Business Administration from Averett University. Shameera is also a member of the American Association for Access, Equity and Diversity (AAAED) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

As a seasoned Human Resources professional, with nearly 15 years of State and Federal work experience combined, Shameera possesses knowledge of a wide range of advanced Human Resource Management and EEO principles, policies, concepts, and practices; as well as the necessary advisory skills needed to perform a key role in rendering quality advisory service to clients. 

Shameera specializes in implementing analytical techniques to identify, evaluate and recommend effective Human Resources and EEO interventions to resolve complex, interrelated issues and concerns. Through her background in Federal Labor Relations, she has extensive experience in organizing and leading teams, implementing negotiation techniques, and conflict resolution methods necessary to interact professionally in highly charged situations.

Shameera understands the intricacies of employee relation matters, along with the need for front-end handling and prevention before an issue escalates into a grievance or lawsuit. Implementing proactive strategies for organizations and developing a special expertise in the area of training managers and employees, is the main goal that Shameera focuses and strives to achieve for all of her clients.



Master of Business Administration, 2011

B.B.A., Business Law, 2005

Activities & Affiliations

• American Association for Access, Equity & Diversity
• Society for Human Resource Management